10 foods that are NOT for your pet!


Here is a list of 10 foods your pet should NOT eat.

  1. Starting with dairy products ; As with any animal (except a calf), the dog's stomach is not really resistant to lactose and so they are lactose intolerant. You better give them diary from sheep or goat. 
  2. Bones (cooked) ; You sometimes see it in movies, the dog gets the remains of the chicken that was just tastefully eaten at the owners house or a good big bone that he buries in the garden. NEVER EVER give your dog cooked bones!!! These will splinter and get stuck. I have seen many pets in the vet where I worked almost dying from eaten bones! 
  3. Nuts ; Many nuts seem to be toxic for a dog. So better not give him any.
  4. Chocolate ; A very familiar one, but still worth mentioning. Because of the Methylxanthines (theobromine & caffeine) it contains, your dog may vomit, become dehydrated and even have seizures.
  5. Coffee ; Delicious and sometimes welcome in the morning for us, dangerous for your dog. The caffeine speeds up his heart rate which can cause him problems with heart rate and blood pressure. A dog is energetic enough by itself. Keep that cup of coffee to yourself in the morning.
  6. White bread ; Do you give your dog white bread daily? Then you are also giving him a lot of chances of pancreatitis daily.
  7. Fruit ; By themselves, most fruits are okay, it is mainly the seeds in them that do sometimes get stuck in the trachea.
  8. Candy ; Giving all sugar in itself is very bad for the insulin level in your dog's body.
  9. Grapes/Rozines ; This fruit can be harmful. It causes kidney failure!
  10. Alcohol ; well, this is abvious, no?