Pet care education

Raising a pet is an enriching and loving experience that brings both joy and responsibility. Whether it is an adorable puppy, a playful kitten, a feathered friend or an exotic animal, building a strong bond with your pet starts with proper parenting.

Many of my clients think "I can do this on my own" before they knock on my door.

Recognisable? Then this is for you.

After all, I have helped dozens of pet owners go from chaos to balance. And I want you to succeed too.

Therefore, here is my formula for success:

By providing attention, care, training and respect, you can develop a harmonious relationship and ensure the well-being of your lovely companions.

In this journey of mutual growth, you not only discover your pet's unique personality, but also learn valuable lessons about patience, devotion and unconditional love.

Are you ready to make your newest family member truly happy? Let's go!

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What to expect?

  • Animal language converted into human language
  • Holistic approach
  • Modern outlook
  • Focus on positivity

What will be the result? 

  • Your pet will thrive instead of survive
  • Your pet will have a long and happy life with you
  • You know what is on the market, what suits you and your pet
  • The latest information regarding behavior, emotions and education is no longer a secret for you.
  • A online guide from me, for you will help you in during the future
  • You now understand your pet like no other
  • You know how to deal with your pet in a holistic way
  • You are fully prepared to become the best companion in your new pet's life.


  • Price: visible from January 2024
  • Online via Google Meet
  • 30min Q&A after 3 weeks (where we meet online and you can still ask questions)
  • Duration: 75min