Bachflower  remedies

costume made for your pet

Unpopular opinion: most pets struggle with stress and anxiety and are simply given (heavy) medication for this, leaving animals chronically on pills and owners spending a fortune on medication and therapy. That's because pet owners and vets don't understand the alternatives that exist.

There, I said it.

But you don't want to be one of them. You really want a happy pet now, without stress, anxiety and medication!

But you have tried alternative solutions over and over again, without success.

That is not surprising. After all, alternatives such as Bach Blossoms are not quite what they seem. If you just start using them, you may soon think this won't work.

But, as always, it is more nuanced. I have seen it in hundreds of animals time and again. Once the owner started applying these 3 things, the big turnaround came.

Bach Flower remedy

Adjustment 1: Give them consistently (about 3x a day, 5 drops)

Adjustment 2: Be patient. Some see reduction in stress and anxiety after 1 day, others only after 2 weeks. Every animal is different, just as every human is different. No one reacts the same to anything. So neither do our pets.

Adaptation 3: Believe it works. Then again, animals don't know placebo. Your pet either feels it or doesn't feel it and that's it.

When you order Bach Blossoms, I look with you and your pet to see exactly what you need. No more medication or strict therapy, but a gentle and effective approach against negative emotions!

What do Bachflowers do? 

🌱 They take off 'sharp edges' of negative emotions and feelings without blocking or numbing emotions.

🌱 Bach remedy is different from other medications that work on emotions. Bach flowers  work supportively and energetically on the emotions.

🌱 Based of water, very small amount, diluted alcohol and flower or herbal extracts.

🌱 No side effects, no sleepy or blurry feeling, harmless to babies, animals, pregnant women and can't give an overdose.

Choose Bach Blossoms as well as custom-made advice regarding the problem you are experiencing.
It has been proven that a long-term negative emotion eventually manifests itself in physical complaints.

What is Bach remedy used for?

Bach flowers can be used for all negative emotions!

Such as: 

  • jealousy

  • anxiety (specific or general)
  • unrest
  • anger
  • sadness
  • loneliness
  • despair
  • feel bad about yourself
  • depression
  • trauma
  • stress
  • ...

In total there are 38 different blossom drops against 38 specific negative emotions! By mixing these you obtain a unique composition that can serve you or your pet.

I work with the original Bach remedies of Edward Bach :

Around 1936, Edward Bach, a homeopath, invented this remedy because he, like me, was convinced that you need to be emotionally balanced in order to have a healthy body. 'A healthy mind in a healthy body' as they say. He went looking in nature and found all suitable plants and blossoms. He understood that these plants and flowers had an effect on the mood of his patients and developed the flower remedy accordingly. The same blossoms are still used today in the Bach flower remedies.

Pupia's tailormade Bachflower mix
> Tailormade Bach remedy*

Pupia's tailormade Bachflower mix incl behavior advice

> Bachflower mix incl advice by mail**

Apply here : 

*The Bach Flower Blends are customized for your dog or cat. I always ask you to tell the story via mail so I can get a good insight of the situation.

**After you have told your story I make a Bach Blossom blend tailored for your pet and give you advice via email to apply while giving the Bach Blossoms. This includes 2 mails. The first mail contains the advice, to which you can mail back any further questions. The second mail contains the answers to those questions.