Who is Pupia?

Foto door Ilio Wijnegem. Model : Jack
Foto door Ilio Wijnegem. Model : Jack

Hey, I'm Pia. I am dog and catmom of Yuki & Zenia as well as holistic nutritionist, behaviour coach and Bach Blossom therapist for dogs and cats.

Born and raised in Wijnegem, Antwerp and proud owner of Pupia since 2017.

With more than 20 years of animal experience, I know how important it is to look at everything from a holistic point of view.

Holistic certainly does not mean woolly or spiritual. It does mean that I look at your pet as a 'whole'. So I don't focus on just one thing, as you see with many schools, therapists or doctors.

For me, animals are like children. Children, but animals. With their specific needs, different food preferences and their wonderful language without words.

There are so many things that affect your pet's emotions, behaviour and mood that I cannot help but look at your pet holistically. I am going to help you do the same, to gain more awareness, peace and balance. Together in your life.

My furbabies

  • Rakker

    The handsome Border Collie you often see appearing here, and perhaps recognize in the logo, is my dog Rakker.

    Rakker has been my very best friend since 2002 (when I was 9), my inspiration for my thesis at school (Ethology and body language in dogs) and especially now my inspiration in daily life when dealing with animals.

    Because of him I understand a dogs view and because of him I understand how it is to see a dog/animal as a piece of family.

    Thank you, Rakker.

    Rakker became a ✩star in May 2017
  • Zenia

    Since December 2018, I purchased my first pet and am raising her with lots of love : Zenia the Maine Coon.

    Zenia loves attention, playing and realizes very well that she is cute. Since May 2022 she became big sister to Yuki, whom she really considers her little sister.

    You will also recognize Zenia shining on this website and in the Pupia logo! 

  • Yuki

    Since May 2022, I have taken Yuki under my wings.

    Yuki is a chihuahua female. She was relinquished by her previous owner. She was barely three months old at the time. And so I decided to adopt her.

    Yuki means "snow" in Japanese because as a puppy, she was as white as snow.

    What started as "just keeping her for a while" ended in "forever in my heart".

    PS. We are dressed up for Halloween 2022 on this picture.