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Pupia to the rescue!

I make sure that...

  • you receive instant advice on your pet's nutrition, behaviour or both
  • your pet will thrive instead of survive
  • you both are 100% tuned to each other
  • you can easily apply your knowledge afterwards
  • your pet feels great, so behavioural problems and illnesses are a thing of the past
  • there are suggestions ready for you to make everything work as efficiently as possible

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How does it work?

  1. Book a free introductory call or send an e-mail first
  2. During the call, we look at what exactly you need: Are you bumping into a problem? Do you need advice? Which advice suits you best? Can I help you? ...
  3. I send a quote that you can sign digitally. The price depends very much on step 2
  4. You provide me with the intake document and any blood results if I ask for them
  5. I get to work and based on your feedback I make an advice tailored to you
  6. Yes! You are the best parent your pet could wish for!

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